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For any roofing questions or comments, please call or text: 541-227-5552

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The Difference

We start by removing the old shingles. We replace sheathing as needed to make sure your shingles have a good foundation.


The inspection we perform will take some time. This is because it is important to catch as many issues as possible before providing an estimate to minimize the chance of the final price changing.


The information provided on this page is primarily specific to our standard option There are differences if you opt for a roof-over or any other roofing option.

Some of the many steps we take to ensure your long-term peace of mind are:

• Using extra tough tar backed underlayment

• Using capped fasteners for superior leak protection

• Using a self adhering underlayment in valleys and

leak prone areas.

• Sealing around protrusions

We install taking multiple things into consideration. Our goal is to meet or exceed code and to install in a way that doesn't jeopardize the manufacturer's warranty.

Keeping the job-site as neat as realistically possible is a priority. Once the job is finished, the gutters will be cleaned out, any stray pieces of garbage will be picked up and the nail sweeper magnet will be used to pick up stray nails.



For any roofing questions or comments, please call or text: 541-227-5552


To apply for a job with Flat Rate Roofers LLC, please send a cover letter together with your resumé to:


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