Experience Difference


The following is to give you an idea of how the whole process goes with most contractors.

There are better and there are worse contractors but

Most Roofing Contractors:

Step 1) You find a contractor(s) to call

       • You call the contractor and leave a message

2) You (hopefully) get a call back and set a time to meet

3) You meet

       • The contractor gives you an estimate for labor

4) You pick a contractor

5) You call the contractor you have chosen and leave another message

6) The roofing contractor calls back

       • The contractor brings you samples or tells you to go get some yourself

7) You call again to tell the contractor what materials you want

8) The contractor gives you a materials and garbage removal estimate

9) You call the contractor

       • You leave a message, and wait again

10) The contractor calls you back

       • You set a time to meet

       • You agree on a time-frame to finish the job

11) The contractor brings you a copy of the contract

       • You sign

       • You barely have time to read it or the roofer adds another step

       • You pay a percentage down

12) The roofing contractor starts the job

       • He or she probably uses the cheapest roofing products they can find

       • Hopefully the contractor works hard or has his crew work hard

13) The contractor finds several unexpected issues

       • The contractor makes you sign several change orders to fix those issues

       • You get charged hundreds or even thousands per change order

14) The job gets finished

       • You pay the rest of what you now owe

       • You hope the contractor and/or the crew did a good job (there may or may not be a good warranty)




Flat Rate Roofers goes like this:


Step 1) You visit this website

        • You call and we answer right away or call back quickly

        • We usually drop what we are doing to answer the phone before voicemail gets it

        • We set an appointment to meet

2) We meet

        • You already knew about how much it would be because it’s listed clearly on the home page.    

        • You receive a quote - not an estimate

        • Only you can change the price you are given*

        • At the time of the quote you are given access to the entire contract

        • You get to see roofing samples

3) You choose Flat Rate Roofers

4) You call us

        • We set up a time to sign the contract and set an approximate time for the job to be finished

5) We meet to sign the roofing contract

       • You pay a percentage down

6) We do the job

       • You'll have high quality roofing products installed (we’ll be happy to explain why we use the

          products we do)

       • We work hard

       • We find several unexpected issues, but

       • We let you know about the issues we fixed and you don't pay one cent more*

7) You gladly pay the rest of what you still owe

       • You rest assured that you have good products on your roof and a 10 year workmanship

         warranty plus the manufacturer warranty

*See the home page for more information.