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Let Us Kill Your Moss For Free!*

Moss can easily cause catastrophic damage to your roof.

If your roof:

• Is located in Medford, White City, or Central Point, Oregon

• Has shingles on it

• Has a little bit of moss growth


No moss - no need for treatment

Moss on the rooftop.jpg

Too much moss - the roof is irreversibly damaged

• And has a pitch of 3/12 to 5/12

About 5  12 pitch.png

This is a 5/12 pitch

Then your roof qualifies for free moss treatment from Divergent Roofing!*

Call or text now!

* No purchase necessary to qualify for this free offer. This offer has extremely limited availability so Divergent Roofing reserves the right to refuse this service or to cancel a scheduled service for any house and/or building and to do so with or without reason. This offer is for new customers only. This offer may not be combined with any other offer. Divergent Roofing my offer you other services at the time of service but will not bother you with other offers in the future unless you ask for them, we are following up on a quote or offer you already received, or you are on a marketing list not created in relation to this service. This offer is for single-family residences only. This offer may end at any time and without notice. Moss will be treated with chlorine bleach. (bleach is recommended by shingle manufacturers and isn't a regulated chemical by the EPA.) We will be careful as we work but we are not responsible for bleach damage and/or stains to plants and other things/surfaces around the work area(s).

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