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Shingle Inspection Service
essential for home-buyers

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Building inspections regularly miss major issues with roofs - including the need to be replaced. We use a 25 point checklist to ensure you have a detailed understating of the roof's condition.

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Our reports include photographs you can show to the seller in your negotiations.

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Our inspection service includes written recommendations to let you know if each problem is minor/cosmetic or if it's major and needs immediate attention. We also let you know if the problem likely requires a simple fix or if it will be too complicated and/or prohibitively expensive-requiring a new roof.

Calculate Savings


Investing a few hundred dollars for a detailed roof inspection could easily save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and protect you from surprises down the road!

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Medford roofer specializing in residential asphalt shingle roofs. Also serving Central Point and White City, OR.


Office: Mon.-Thurs. 7A-5P & Fri. 7A-1P

Call, text, and fax: 541-227-5552


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