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Our Specialty

We specialize in asphalt shingle roofs. Most people feel replacing their existing roof is the best option. If you are short on funds, we can install the new roof over the old one in some cases.


Our standard re-roofs are covered by our 20 year limited workmanship warranty. We also install according to manufacturer specifications so you can enjoy their limited lifetime warranty that covers the entire expected lifetime of the shingles.

We care

We take pride in our work. All the way down to little details like sealing around every pipe protruding through the roof before installing the flashing

Its easy

We try to make the process as easy as possible for you.

To get started just call (541) 227-5552

Tune up or replace?

A roof "tune up" could increase the life of your roof even by several years if you have taken good care of it, or it can help you get by until you can afford to replace it. It might also help you pass an inspection.

Depending on the brand of your shingles and how well they've been treated, they should last anywhere from 7 to 20 years. Most shingles last closer to 20 years with proper treatment.


If your roof is around 15 years old, it would be a good idea to consider a tune up. If your roof is in need of replacement and you can't afford it yet, tuning up your roof is a lower cost option that will help you get by until you have the money.


A tune up starts with a free, no obligation, inspection of your roof*. A tune up is usually made up of multiple minor repairs. We look for loose flashing, missing shingles, shingles that are not glued down anymore, nails that are backing out, and other typically minor issues that could cause leaks. We then give you a price usually ranging from $500 to $1000. We will also let you know if it would just be better to get a replacement. As mentioned above, if you need a new roof but are short on funds, doing a tune-up can help your roof get by until you can replace it. If you are looking for a new roof, you can click here to go to our home page and learn about our roof replacement options.

*We are not certified inspectors so we can't provide an official report.

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Our Rates

Basic Roof-over $2.99 / Sq. Ft.

Our lowest cost option includes a 10 year workmanship warranty. Unlike the other options; the new shingles will be installed over the old ones and flashing might be re-used.**

Standard $3.07 / Sq. Ft.

In industry terms, this is $307 per square. This is the best option for most home owners. Includes labor, roofing materials, and a 20-year limited workmanship warranty.**

Premium $6.19 / Sq. Ft.

This is for you if you want roofing that looks extra sharp and lasts even longer. Labor, materials, and our 30 year limited warranty are all included. This package includes premium shingles, and materials.**

Prices updated on 6/24/20

**Additional charges and information:

​Removal of more than 1 layer of old roofing: $0.59 / Sq. Ft. / extra layer

Replacement of under 10% of the roof deck: $27.99 per sheet of plywood

Replacement of 10% or more of the roof deck: $700 + $23 per 4'x8' sheet of plywood

Areas outside Medford, White City, or Central Point, Oregon may have an additional service fee.

​These rates are for Medford, White City, and Central Point, OR only. In some cases there may be more charges - they will be included in the quote. With this and with our other options you will be provided with roofing samples to choose from. All roofing packages are subject to a 300 square feet minimum for the flat rate pricing; prices are subject to change. Measurements and pricing may not be exact and are subject to rounding. The basic option is not available if the shingles must be removed to repair the roof deck or trusses or if there are already two layers of roofing. Our limited workmanship warranties only apply to asphalt shingle roofs.

Lead Based Paint Renovator Certified Firm
Pre-1983 Houses with lead

Houses built before 1983 may have lead paint. By law, houses built before 1978 must be tested for lead by a lead certified firm before doing repairs or renovations that will disturb painted surfaces. It is illegal for a contractor to make a bid on a house built in or before '78 without being lead renovator certified. There is an extra charge of $2,999 to $9,999 for dealing with lead. Click on the lead badge to learn more about lead-based paint.

Although rare, roofing that contains asbestos must be removed by an asbestos abatement company. We DO NOT provide asbestos abatement.

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