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This roof only had a few places with very minor leaks and one place that had a rotten roof deck. This was the case even though this roof was far past its prime. The homeowners took care of the roof including sealing and nailing down shingles anytime they saw any little issue. It would be pretty spendy to have a roofer do so many small repairs. If you don't do those repairs yourself, it probably makes more sense to worry less about small issues then replace the roof around the recommended time (15 to 20 years).

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Leaks in this roof caused severe damage. Some damage and complications were discovered before the quote was provided including lead-based paint and rot. Other problems including water damaged and broken rafters were discovered when the roof was open. Contrary to common practice, it is our policy to never raise the price once a quote has been provided (learn more on our home page). As for the lead: We took care of the part of the job that required disturbing the lead paint in several sections (versus all at once) in order to avoid damaging the plants.

This house had several leaks. Some of the leaks were unknown to the home owner because leaks don't always make it into the living area of the house. Sometimes they stop before they even reach the attic or walls—they soak into the roof deck and/or trusses causing rot. This roof had two layers of shingles installed without underlayment on top of 1x6" lumber instead of solid sheathing. We work hard to improve and update the quality and durability of your roof's protection to meet or exceed current standards. Now this roof has solid sheathing (plywood), hybrid underlayment (the toughest option available), and proper flashing.

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New Roof (After)