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This Is Crazy - Don't Wait For A Leak!

Waiting until a leak or leaks make it into the living areas of the house is a bad idea. By then it is probably too late. By then there may be damages in the thousands of dollars beyond

Damage from a small leak

replacing the roof. Even if a leak hasn’t caused much damage inside your house, there will probably be significant hidden damage. Roofs usually begin to leak slowly years before it can be seen from inside. Leaks soak into the roof deck, trusses or rafters, and walls. This can cause rot, layer separation of plywood or OSB, warping, and/or mold. Ideally you should replace the roof before there is any significant damage.

Replacing an entire plywood roof deck can cost thousands extra. You will need to pay for the permit (required by Jackson County and the city of Medford), materials, and labor. If it will include disturbing lead painted surfaces you could end up paying an additional $10,000 or so too! If there is significant damage to the trusses some companies, including Divergent Roofing, might refuse to do the job. 

It’s not possible to know exactly when a roof will leak enough to start causing significant damage. There are, however, signs that can give especially a trained eye a very good idea. If you are curious about these signs, please visit

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