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Why "Divergent"?

Flat Rate Roofers LLC recently filed an assumed business name (ABN) a.k.a. doing business as name (DBA): Divergent Roofing. You may be wondering, "why?" "Why divergent" or "why a new name at all?" Those are both great questions and this post should help clear them up.

Divergent Roofing Logo

First let's answer, "Why a new name?" Flat Rate Roofers started with the idea of providing a roofing installation service that went way above the status quo. A big part of that included doing a thorough inspection before doing a re-roof so the price you are quoted is the price you pay in the end. The thought was, the fact that almost nothing could raise the price once a contract was signed, would resonate with people. Little did we know, people are so used to contractors finding every excuse possible to get them to sign a change order to raise the price, that even when a homeowner had the concept clearly explained, they wouldn't believe it or maybe they would just forget. We will still work hard to avoid change orders which raise the price. The name however, wasn't resonating with people as well as hoped, so it has been scrapped while the company is still young enough for that not to be a huge deal. Another big reason for changing the name is people commonly referred to it as "Flat Rate Roofing" instead of "Flat Rate Roofers".

Now, "Why Divergent?" Divergent is a synonym to different. We want to be different. Not different for the sake of being different but different for the sake of being better. There are many great business practices that have been adopted by almost every industry. Construction, however, is a relatively noncompetitive and highly regulated market, increasing the time it takes for substantial improvements to be seen by home owners. Our view is, why wait for competition to demand it? Let's do what we can to make good changes for our customers. Why not? Are we successfully getting closer to our goal of beating the status quo? You decide!