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Privacy Policy

Updated November 2, 2022

By using this site you (the user) agree to this Privacy Policy. We (Flat Rate Roofers LLC DBA Divergent Roofing) reserve the right to update or change this policy at any time and without notice.

General Site Use:

Flat Rate Roofers LLC primarily uses Google Analytics to keep track of anonymous user information such as individual and overall page and site visits. We may use common tracking methods such as placing "cookies" on your computer and/or tracking I.P. addresses. Although we use this info in such a way that we can't personally identify you, you should read Google's privacy Policy by clicking here to find out what they do with your data and what other data they might collect.

Facebook and sites other than,,, and

Some other sites we use and/or advertise on my provide us more detailed information about you such as your name or phone number. We will never sell this information to a third party. Please refer to the privacy policy for that site or sites.


In addition to general use of our site, you might decide to fill out a form or otherwise enter personal information. We will never sell the information you give us to a third party. We use the information you enter in order to give you relevant information, offers, and ads (directly from us and only if you sign up for an email list), and provide roofing services.


When you leave a review, your full name, the rating you gave, and the text you provided may be used on our website, on other sites, such as but not limited to, review sites. We may also use reviews in advertising and in other virtual and printed media. By submitting a review you waive the right to any compensation for the use of review(s) in any way we see fit and you agree to let us publish such review with your name and the rating you provided in perpetuity and without compensation.

All data we collect:

We will never sell your data to a third party except as described here: We will share your data with third parties in order to provide you with services. In the case of Flat Rate Roofers LLC / Divergent Roofing being sold, in a merger, or in the case of bankruptcy, we may sell or transfer your data to another party.

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